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Base On ISO9001, ISO9004 System Management Elements And CRM Management Concept
The Process Management Method Are Integrated Into The Design Of Shipping Business
Customer-Oriented Marketing Improves Customer Satisfaction And Contribute To Your Continuous Success

All tasks to do, pending approval business and statistic data are presented on dashboard automatically in a visual manner, which helps you intuitively grasp the business progress and performance, prevent unnecessary losses caused by negligence or delay, and improve the operating efficiency of the organization.

Client information will be collected during the business data input in system. It can reduce the loss of client resources caused by the employee turnover. And the client resources will also be accumulated during the use of the system.

Through the collection of client communication and business data in system, you can manage the customer relationship and share it with colleagues easily, so as to have a comprehensive understanding of customers and provide data support for decision-making.

This module includes all business process management of voyage charter party and Contract of Assignment. Contract estimation function automatically gives the estimate TCE under different operating speeds of the ship, which help you operating each voyage at an economic speed to reduce unnecessary fuel expenses. The estimated data is automatically incorporated into the contract approval flow.

IMSBC, IMDG and bulk liquid cargo information and port risk information are integrated into the voyage charter business progress to help users fully understand the cargo hazards and port risks of the voyage and take the precaution action to reduce the risk of the voyage.

The system will generate bills, debit note and invoices automatically and send email with one click in the system. And the voyage performance can be accounted one click (including the voyage costs incurred by the ship management department) and automatically compares with the industry benchmark TCE and estimated TCE to help you analyze the deviation of the voyage performance in order to continuously improve the ship’s operating.

This module enables the management of TCT in, TCT out, TC in and TC out charter party, off-hire and bunker. The system will generate bills, debit note and invoices automatically and send email with one click in the system. It is convenient for financial and business personnel to track the receivable and payable charges before payment due date and avoid the risk of contract disputes arising from payment delay.

This module includes voyage instruction and voyage work orders, the whole process of voyage operating can be communicated and tracked by the work order to avoid voyage management activities nothing. The system keeps the voyage work order performing history in order to trace the voyage operating process and continuously improve the performance of the voyage.

Ship’s daily movement reports can be imported by template or synced automatically and you can trace the current ship movement in the system easily to promote voyage operating efficiency. You can also trace the port operating efficiency which the ship called to provide data support for your decision making.

This module is applicable for all the service process management provided by counterparty including ship agency and cargo survey etc. The system supports the business process management from inquiry, price comparison, commission order and billing, as well as the Inter-work flow whenever in urgent situation. The approval flow can be set freely according to different amounts and different business category as the requirement of your organization. Service commission activities is transparent and traceable while using of the system.

The system generates PDF inquiry sheet and order automatically and sends inquiry and order email with one click. The service provider can make quotation through SMOP cloud quotation platform and import cloud quotation automatically.

The management of commercial risks and disputes can be realized, and the process of risks and disputes handling can be traced, thus effectively reducing the risk of contract execution.

The original bill of lading reclaim shall be controlled to avoid the risk of the original bill of lading being left out. You can also collect shipper and consignee information through the bill of lading entry function, and indirectly grasp the customers you often serve directly, so as to provide accurate services. The system automatically generates statistical data through collecting data of time loss, cargo damage and shortage, and provides decision data support for you to improve the management of the organization.

Executive office affairs such as conference, ticketing, employee travel, leave and attendance management are all included in this module.

The system automatically generates statistic data based on the input of business data and displays in the form and visual graphs manner. Through data analysis, it provides data support for the organization managers to make scientific decisions.

The system generates the receivable and payable charge and achieves financial accounting automatically while dealing with the business in the system. At the same time, this module also includes the process management of payment, collection, reimbursement, loan, petty cash and budget, so as to improve the operational efficiency of the organization.



Base On ISM Code, ISO9001 And ISO9004 System Management Elements. The Process Management Method Is Integrated Into Shipping Operation And Ship Management Business. The Architecture Is Applicable To Both Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises And Group Companies​.


Base On ISM Code Management Elements And Process Management Method. Loss Prevention Concept Is Integrated Into Safety Management Business Process. To Enhance Safety Culture And Promote Safety Performance Through Process Management.


Systematic Management On Human Resources And Ship Manning Processes. Accumulate And Deposit Seafarer Performance Evaluation Data To Establish High-Risk Crew Lists. Focus On Improving The Ability, Awareness And Attitude Of The Seafarer To Contribute To Your Continued Success.


Base On ISO9001, ISO9004 System Management Elements And CRM Management Concept. The Process Management Method Are Integrated Into The Design Of Shipping Agency. Customer-Oriented Marketing Improves Customer Satisfaction And Contribute To Your Continuous Success.


Systematically Manage Sales Quotation, Order And Delivery Process. To Provide Reliable Quality, Price And Service By Optimizing Process And Purchasing Channel.

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